Salmon Farms in Tofino

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Salmon Farms in Tofino by Mind Map: Salmon Farms in Tofino

1. Economic Impacts

1.1. Variety of jobs

1.1.1. Different Industries Office work Outdoors work Scientists Farmers Technicians

1.1.2. Provides year-round jobs. Accounts for about 6,000 jobs just in B.C.

1.2. Promotes Tourism

1.2.1. Tofino Salmon farming brings a lot of revenues to Coastal communities like Tofino. Once it attracts tourists, more revenue is made by other surrounding local businesses.

1.3. National Economy

1.3.1. High Demand High revenue Farming salmon in B.C. generated approximately 1.14 billion per year to the province’s economy.

2. Scientific Impacts

2.1. New Technology

2.1.1. Coastal Alliance for Aquaculture Reform (CAAR) Experiments in Closed-Containment Farming In Middle Bay on Vancouver Island, AgriMarine Inc. has installed the first of four solid-wall floating tanks for farming salmon. Washington State, Domsea Farms has launched a land-based, freshwater system to produce salmon. Toquaht First Nation is planning a land-based aquaculture park with a recirculating tank system.

3. Environmental Impacts

3.1. Less impact than Land based Farming

3.2. Less pressure on wild salmon

3.2.1. supports wild salmon population Year round fresh salmon

3.3. New technology with closed-containment farms

3.3.1. Less environmental impact as there is less salmon escapes and less contact with the environment where it can damage the ecosystem and marine life. Isolates and diseases or parasites.

4. Social Impacts

4.1. Coastal Communities

4.1.1. Tofino

4.2. Health Benefits

4.2.1. 50% more potassium

4.2.2. higher in B Vitamins

4.2.3. Omega 3 Fats

4.3. First Nations

4.3.1. Source of Food

4.3.2. Partner with Salmon Farms Salmon Farms partner with coastal First Nations on 17 economic and social partnerships; forming a good relationship between First Nations and the Salmon Farm companies.

4.3.3. Preserve Cultural Traditions

5. Legal and Ethical Impacts

5.1. Leads to new Laws

5.1.1. Laws are made and modified to enforce and regulate salmon farming. With new technology and methods, there are many debates on the Canadian Aquaculture act.

6. Personal Impacts

6.1. Farmed Salmon Vs. Wild Salmon

6.1.1. Making the decision of choosing between farmed salmon and wild salmon. Both have different benefits and downsides.