History of Jazz Early 1800's - 1960's

History and important people within Jazz History

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History of Jazz Early 1800's - 1960's by Mind Map: History of Jazz Early 1800's - 1960's

1. Early Influences (1800 - 1910)

1.1. Congo Square - significance of segregation

1.2. Tommy Turpin

1.3. Scott Joplin

1.4. Buddy Bolden

1.5. Piano Ragtime - significance musically

1.6. John Phillip Sousa - significance musically

1.7. Jelly Roll Morton

1.8. African Spirituals

2. 1911-1930

2.1. James Reese Founds Clef Club - association for black musicians in New York City

2.2. The word "Jazz" first appears in print in 1913

2.3. King Oliver

2.4. Original Dixiland Jass Band records (all white group)

2.5. Stride piano makes its first recorded debuts

2.6. Count Basie makes his first recordings

2.7. Coleman Hawkin

2.8. Louis Armstrong and the Hot Five

2.9. Bessie Smith

2.10. George Gershwin debut

3. 1930-1940

3.1. "Body and Soul" Recorded

3.2. Lionel Hampton makes Vibraphone debut

3.3. Cab Calloway

3.4. Ornette Coleman was born

3.5. Benny Goodman makes his career debut

3.6. Art Tatum makes first debut

3.7. Duke Ellington begins to tour Europe

3.8. Germany bans Jazz recordings from the radio

3.9. Billie Holiday premiers first recordings

3.10. Ella Fitzgerald makes first recordings

3.11. Blue Note Records founded in 1939

4. 1940-1950

4.1. Duke Records Take the "A" Train

4.2. Charlie Parker makes debut recording

4.3. Jelly Roll Morton dies

4.4. Leonard Bernstein performs as Jazz pianist in Boston

4.5. Miles Davis attends Julliard and decides its too European focused, and decides he can learn more from hanging out with Parker, Gillespie and the NY Jazz Scene