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PLE by Mind Map: PLE


1.1. The university is one of the most important places for learning due to this is one of the main functions of it. For me the university has been a change in the way of learning, comparing with my previous academic life, which consisted on memorizing contents, I have discover a new way of learning in which the point is to be capable to understand. The university give access to many different resources, teacher but also students, not just in my faculty, I can learn from those that I am interested on. It does not consist just on going to class, there are other many activities in which I can participate and connect with different people.

1.2. I consider really valuable what I am learning at university, things like how the society works, the psychological development of children, comprehension of diversity and so on. In ICT I have focused on the online tools, how to use it, what for, and how to integrate them in the educational process. In School and Organization & Resources I would select the cooperation as the most important knowledge, learn how to work with people is the real life and this is what I have done.


2.1. Fortunately I have travelled to other countries like France, England or Italy I have to say that this has been crucial in my learning process. Traveling to other countries have let me know other cultures and other ways of thinking, it has helped me to open my mind and be more receptive about other's opinions.

2.1.1. For me traveling has been directly related with languages, because most of the trips I have done have been because of been in a bilingual program, what I mean is that knowing different languages is what allowed me connecting with people form other countries and to have a real interaction.


3.1. Coaching is directly related with football, as I have said I have been learning about football as a player, but now I have decided to take another step and start studying to be a coach and having another perspective about the sport.


4.1. For me soccer has been a part of my learning process since I started playing football when I was seven years old I have improve my knowledge about this sport and still today I keep learning about it.


5.1. In order to improve my PLE I think I should give a better use to the tools that I use, I mean I just use it for reading and connecting with people, but not for sharing, I just use it the blog and as a part of a group, so in the end I do not use it for sharing my ideas.

5.1.1. Another point would be participating actively in activities like volunteering, courses or even working to have real experiences not just theory.



6.1.1. WHATSAPP For me Whatssap is the most simple tool as it is used for texting with people, in addition you cannot find people throw Whatsaap, you must know the person you want to text with, so in the end it allows you to connect with people once you know him, but previously you have to find that person through other paths.

6.1.2. FACEBOOK Facebook, for me it is like a mix of the previous tools, it has all the functions in the same place, and that is good, but this is also the reason why I do not usually use it. I really like using a tool that it is specialized in a concrete function and Facebook does not offer this to me so the main use that I give to Facebook is to have as friends people that I met in other countries, because as it is one of the most famous social networks in the world, almost every person has an account in it.


6.2.1. BLOGS As I see it a blog let you express yourself more in deep than other tools, due to there is no limitations. My experience having a blog have started this year because of the university, due to it has been a requirement for School and Organization & Resources, and I have to say that It is one of the best tools for sharing your opinion but also for connecting because people can have access to your blog if they are interested on the topics you choose and leave comments into the publications, so you have some feedback.


6.3.1. TWITTER I use Twitter for reading, for me it is best way to be aware of the news due to I can read the same information from different resources, comparing different points of view. Also it is useful in the sense that the information must be summarized because you have a limit for writing each tweet, so I just focus on the crucial information. Twitter also allows you to connect with other people, you can speak with other people about a topic, with the hashtag f you can find a specific theme and see what people think about it and take part into this conversation. Although I do not usually use this function it is very easy to manage and connect with people.

6.3.2. INSTAGRAM I use Instagram mainly for seeing other's people pictures, most of them are about the social life of my friends but I also follow some accounts that keep aware about some events that I am interested on. I really like using this tool for being updated about sports.

6.3.3. SNAPCHAT Snapchat let me know people's daily life throw the pictures they upload to the platform, so I can follow famous people to see what kind of activities they do. In my case I like to be aware about cinema festivals and new films, so I try to find people that take part in these type of events.