components of food

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components of food by Mind Map: components of food

1. carbohydrates

1.1. simple

1.2. complex

1.3. sugar

1.3.1. starch

1.4. they are quick energy giving food

1.5. E.g.: Wheat, Bread,Banana, Rice, Potato

2. fats

2.1. lipids

2.2. it is under our skin , around our heart and kidneys.

2.3. excessive fats creates obesity

2.4. less fats creates malnourished

2.5. E.g.:Avocado, Meat, Butter, Ghee

3. proteins

3.1. super power source energy

3.2. helps creating old and damaged cells

3.3. Creates new cells

3.4. E.g. :Soya beans, Eggs, Fish, Nuts and Berries

4. Vitamins

4.1. Protective Foods

4.2. Needed in small quantities

4.3. Consists 20 types of Vitamins

4.4. E.g.: Vitamin A, Vit B, Vit C, Vit D

5. Minerals

5.1. Also known as Protective Foods

5.2. Provides Growth and Development

5.3. Deficiency of minerals can cause serious problems

5.4. Deficiency diseases are marasmus, scurvy, goitre

6. Water

6.1. Solvent for the body

6.2. Absorbs nutrients

6.3. Helps in cleaning the blood

6.4. Needed in body functioning

6.5. Maintain in health and integretion of cells and excretion