Research Information Process

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Research Information Process by Mind Map: Research Information Process

1. Need

1.1. Assignment

1.1.1. how many pages

1.1.2. when due

1.1.3. requirements (circle all that apply) scholarly / peer reviewed resources primary sources If you're writing for a literature class then the story/ play/ poem/ book you're writing about is your "primary text" Research Personal Interview from a print source

1.2. Brainstorm

1.2.1. What You Know Topic IF literature research: synonyms (use a thesaurus if necessary)

1.2.2. What You Don't Know People important in Field of Topic multiple view points on Topic when Topic became popular how Topic became popular

2. Find

2.1. General Info on Topic

2.1.1. Books

2.2. Specific Info on Topic

2.2.1. Articles

3. Assess

3.1. Currency

3.2. Reliability

3.3. Authority

3.4. Perspective?

3.5. Accuracy?

4. Use

4.1. Paraphrase

4.2. Summarize

4.3. Direct Quote

4.4. Bibliography

4.5. Parts of a citation

4.5.1. In Text Chicago: Footnotes And Endnotes APA and MLA: Parenthetical

4.5.2. Full Citation MLA APA Chicago