Scout Finch -- from To Kill A Mocking Bird

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Scout Finch -- from To Kill A Mocking Bird by Mind Map: Scout Finch -- from To Kill A Mocking Bird

1. Matilda from Matilda

1.1. very rejected and bullied by her family

1.2. parents completely disregard her and sent her to school very late

1.2.1. Is alike to Scout-- because she is a very bright child, but is being held back from learning and reaching her highest potential in and out of school

1.3. Matilda escapes this torture by escaping into a world of learning and exercising her brain -- becomes a prodigy

1.4. Miss Honey -- only one who really sees her potential + cares for her

2. Tris Prior

2.1. divergent

2.2. stands out in, and is rejected by her society

2.2.1. like Scout, Tris is rejected in, and has a problem with her society

2.3. has a problem with the way her government + society are run

3. Daniel--from The Bronze Bow

3.1. hates all Romans because both his parents were killed by Romans

3.2. very narrow minded and stubborn with people

3.3. is very quick to judge people before he gets to know them

3.3.1. like Scout, Daniel is guilty of misjudging someone and being completely wrong

3.4. painful childhood experience causes him to loose trust in people, Daniel almost forgets how to love

4. Salamanca Hiddle-- from Walk Two Moons

4.1. Salamanca's mom leaves her, her dad, and her little sister unexpectedly

4.2. alike to Scout--tomboy personality causes her to stand out from the other girls at school and not be accepted by others-- also, Sal loves nature and being outdoors more than anything

5. Dill Harris

5.1. Scout's best friend who can relate to her loss of a parent because he is unaware of who his birth father is

6. Kino

6.1. experiences racism and is not happy with it like Scout has witnessed and is not happy with it

6.2. isolated and dreary individual

6.2.1. alike to Scout---the pearl completely changed Kino’s simplistic and happy way of life, just like harsh reality did to Scout

6.3. both exposed to something that darkened our worlds that were once smooth and happy.

7. Phoebe Winterbottom

7.1. Scouts best friend named who is too currently missing a parent-- no mother figure in her life due to her mom's departure