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Making definitions by Mind Map: Making definitions
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Making definitions



What is defined, or what we are defining


Whit which we define the definienda

Definition requirements

no negativity

Positive terms we don't define negatively e.g. Dynamic Random Access Memory Its definition can't be a''type of memory, which is not  a Static Random Access Memory'' because, although we have separated the term, the very concept of the memory is still in a fog.


Definition must be a clearer idea then the unknown term e.g. The mouse is an input to the computer, which converts arm movement into cursor movement on a computer screen.

not picturesque

The definition isn't allowed to move in a circle. e.g. flip-flop is an electronic element that has two stable states, and these two stable states are states that has a flip-flop.


Contains only those essential features which we can use to distinguish. e.g. In defining a RAM, it is not necessary to mention that it is important to put it carefully in to the motherboard, because it is not characteristically only for the RAM.


Neither too broad nor too narrow   e.g. If we define RAM as a type of memory, the definition would be too broad. And if we define it as''a type of memory which you put in your motherboard'', the definition was too narrow to use.

Structures used in definitions


e.g. To take back means to return something what was ours.

Relative clauses

e.g. RAM (stands for Random Access Memory) is a form of primary computer memory whose contents can be accessed directly.

Reduced relative clauses

e.g. Morro is a new antivirus program for Windows developed by Microsoft.

Present simple

e.g. A monitor is an electronic visual display for computers.


e.g. To import means to use data produced by another application.


e.g. The term output refers to results which are produced by the computer.

Using keywords and scientific terms

e.g. of keywords A telephone - a telecommunications device -transmits and receives sound etc. e.g. of scientific terms Energy equals mass multiplied by the square of light speed Every action has reaction equals to it and opposite in direction. Energy does not disappear and obtained from nothing Read more: