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Indian Gavial by Mind Map: Indian Gavial
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Indian Gavial

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...















The indian gavial is critically endangered

Action Plan

What the Government can do- The Government can stop cutting down trees and building houses near rivers because then people will be near rivers and if there near lots of littering will be done and these gavials will be gone forever.

What I can do to help- What I can do is stop littering because if I litter the nature surrounding us will be ruined and if the nature is ruined the Gavials home will be ruined, Because the gavials main place to stay is nature.

What NGO can do- The NGO can advertise that the world should start looking after whats around them because these animals can become extinct forever

Fun Facts

DO YOU KNOW !The three largest indian gavials lengths were 6.3 m ( 21 ft), 6.5 m ( 21 ft, and one was 7 m ( 23 ft) !

DO YOU KNOW ! These are some of the gavials that weigh much more than a normal gavial would weigh. 1. 2,200 lb 2. 1500 lb !

DO YOU KNOW ! That indian gavials have more than 100 teeth !

Biome or Ecozone

water, and rivers.

Human Impact on Indian Gavial

The impact humans have on this animal is that humans kill this animal because they think it looks dangerous but it has no threat to humans. This animal mostly only eats fish.

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