Conflicts in the Crucible

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Conflicts in the Crucible by Mind Map: Conflicts in the Crucible

1. "I have a warrant for your wife." -Cheever pg.78

2. Proctors v. Hale

2.1. Rev. Hale comes to test the Proctors for witchcraft by reciting his commandments.

3. Act 1

3.1. Abigail v. Girls

3.1.1. Abby wants the girls to play along so no one gets in trouble - girls want to tell  the truth

3.2. Proctor v. Himself

3.2.1. Fighting the guilt that he has about his affair

3.3. Putnam v. Parris

3.3.1. Putnam doesn't like paying Parris's Salary - Parris will not admit to what the girls are doing

3.4. Proctor v. Abby

3.4.1. Have an affair - He wants to keep his good name, stop it -abby wants him!

3.5. Abby v. Parris

3.5.1. Parris calls abby out on her affair, abby continues lying "...Your name in the town-it is entirely white, is it not?" -pg.18

3.6. Proctor v. Parris

3.6.1. Land, doesn't like the way Parris Preaches

4. Act 2

4.1. Proctor v. Mary Warren

4.1.1. E- "You were alone with her?" J- "For a moment alone, aye." E- "why, then , it is not as you told me." Pg. 59

4.1.2. Proctor wants Mary to go to the court and testify against Abby but she's afraid of her-"She'll kill me for saying that" pg 85

4.2. Proctor v. Elizabeth

4.2.1. Elizabeth confronts John about his affair/ feelings for Abigail. Elizabeth wants Proctor to go court and tell the Abby is lying. Proctor doesn't want to go - rep, "For murder, she's charged...of Goody Putnam's babies." -pg.76 "How may such a woman murder children?" -pg.77

4.3. John & Elizabeth v. Cheever & Herrick

4.3.1. Cheever & Herrick come to arrest Elizabeth

4.4. Ann Putnam v. Rebecca Nurse

4.4.1. Ann Putnam is accusing Rebecca of killing her seven children that died shortly after birth; Rebecca was Ann's midwife "Hang them high over the town! Who weeps for these, weeps for corruption!" "Do you know your commandments Elizabeth?" -Hale pg.72

5. Act 4

5.1. Proctor v. Danforth

5.1.1. Danforth told Proctor to confess to witchcraft so his life would be spared, He needs a confession on paper with his signature to display to the town, but Proctor refuses. "

5.2. Elizabeth v. Hale

5.2.1. Hale is trying to convince Elizabeth to get John to confess and save his life "Will you plead with him? I cant think he'll talk to another"-134

5.3. Proctor v. Self

5.3.1. debating if he should admit to witchcraft "I have been thinking I would confess to them, Elizabeth.' Page 137

5.4. Hale v. Court

5.4.1. Hale trying to convince the court that Proctor is telling the truth and the girls are lying.

5.5. Abby v. Parris

5.5.1. Abby took Parris' money and left Salem-"Thirty-pound is gone" pg 128

6. Act 3

6.1. Proctor v. Court

6.1.1. Proctor is trying to convince the court that Abby is lying, and that his and his friends' wives are innocent. "Do you know, Mr. Proctor, that the entire contention of the state in these trials is that the voice of heaven is speaking through the children?" - 92

6.2. Giles, Francis v.Court

6.2.1. Giles and Francis are trying to convince the court that their wives are innocent and that the girls are lying. "They be tellin' lies about my wife, sir, I-" Page 89

6.3. Mary Warren v. Girls

6.3.1. Mary confessed that she never saw any spirits and that the other girls are faking, the girls start repeating everything Mary says and claim she is attacking them in the form of a bird. "They're sporting....I- have no power...She sees nothin"...I"m not hurting her!"

6.4. Mary Warren v.Court

6.4.1. The court was testing Mary to see if she was really faking seeing spirits.

6.4.2. Questioning why she pretended to go along with the girls.

6.5. Rev. Hale v. Court

6.5.1. Hale is beginning to see the flaws of the court and is debating remaining a part of it "I denounce these proceedings, I quit this court" - 122

6.6. Giles Corey v. Putnam

6.6.1. Giles accuses Putnam of using his daughter to accuse people of witchcraft so he can get their land (Ex. George Jacobs) "Thomas Putnam is reaching out for land" - 88

6.7. Proctor v. Abby

6.7.1. Calls Abby a liar and a harlet

6.8. Proctor v. Elizabeth