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Imperative by Mind Map: Imperative

1. The Simple Form of the verb

1.1. Is used to form the imperative

1.1.1. Example: To reach

1.2. The simple form is the infinitive without the particle to

1.2.1. Example reach

2. The only sentences that may not be subject

2.1. The imperative the understood subject of the sentence is always you

2.2. Example

2.2.1. Close the door!

2.2.2. drink the water!

3. Negatives

3.1. Only add don´t

3.2. Don´t + simple form of the verb

3.3. Example

3.3.1. Don't let the car!

3.3.2. Don't bought into supermarket!

4. Used

4.1. Give instructions

4.2. Give commands

4.3. Make polite requests

4.3.1. they are always used in combination with the word please.

4.4. Example:

4.4.1. Please,open the window!

4.4.2. Please, unckle the door