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1. Movies

1.1. "My name is Ken", dokumentar

1.2. Riff Raff, Ken Loach - 1993

1.3. Raining Stones, Ken Loach - 1994

1.4. Ladybird, Ladybird, Ken Loach - 1995

2. Margaret Thatcher and Thatcherism

2.1. - High self-esteem -> megalo maniac - Not a likable person - Cold, always in control, unnatural bourgeois accent - Has pluralized herself: "I" -> "We" - Desmaulted the welfare state - The old and weak should not be helped -> become victims - Ruling philosophy is utilitarian. Training instead of education -> expand the nations GNP - No poetry or music in her, only best-sellers. No humor.

3. Ken Loach

3.1. Called a left-wing dinosaur and a generally angry man.

3.2. Film creater -> his films spring from some indignation, "A film is a window of its own time"

3.3. - Good stories + MESSAGE - Films chronologically - Style reflects content - "You need to be wind up, otherwise you might as well go to sleep" - Great story-telling instinct - Describes social realism as "a tension between fiction and non-fiction" - Films about people that are marginalized economically or politically

3.4. Focus on the working class experience and its presentation

4. Texts

4.1. "Realism and Representations of the Working Class in Contemporary British Cinema", Takako Seino - 2010

4.2. "Reflections of the Iron Lady", Anthony Burgess

4.3. "Class in Britian", Neil Hamilton

4.4. "A letter to Margaret Thatcher, aged 65", Sue Townsend

4.5. "My Kind of Tory Party", Margaret Thatcher - 2975

4.6. "What is Thatcherism?", BBC News - 2013

4.7. "The Decade of Contrasts", Mulbjerg & Rosenvold - 1993

4.8. "Obituary: Iron Lady Thatcher changed the face of Britain"