Lena Haloway

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Lena Haloway by Mind Map: Lena Haloway

1. Forbidden Love

2. Dangerous Disease

3. Plans to run away with Alex

4. Feels worse in comparison to Hana

5. Hana tries to encourage her to go to illegal parties with boys that she doesn't want to go to.

6. America Singer

6.1. -Must keep her meetings with her loved one a secret. They cannot be caught together after their curfew in their secret meeting place.

6.2. -Is being forced to leave her love who she wants to marry and compete to marry a man she does not want to be with.

7. Belly Conklin

7.1. -Feels a bit compared to her prettier, more popular friend.

7.2. -Has a friend that's always trying to get her to tag along at parties with boys.

8. Hazel Grace Lancaster

8.1. -Has a dangerous disease

8.2. -Both her love and her have been invected with a disease and are uncured.

8.3. -Her disease has taken control of her life

9. Jonas

9.1. -Plans to leave his secured town and run away to an untamed part of his world with someone he cares deeply about (Gabe).

9.2. -Feels love unlike everybody else in his town. Love is meaning less and families do not love one another.

10. Hermia

10.1. - Forced to marry someone she does not love

10.2. -She plans to run away with her love, Lysander

10.3. -The government is getting involved in her forbidden love.

11. Has to marry Brain Scharff

12. Uncured and feels love