Things Fall Apart

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Things Fall Apart by Mind Map: Things Fall Apart

1. Okonkwo

1.1. Description

1.1.1. Big

1.1.2. Very Strict

1.1.3. Dislikes Failure

1.2. Family Member

1.2.1. First Wife Nwoye (First Son) Obiageli (Daughter)

1.2.2. Ekwefi (Second Wife) Ezinma (Daughter)

1.2.3. Ojiugo (Third Wife) Nkechi (Daughter)

1.2.4. Ikemefuna A boy sent from the Mbaino people Popular among Okonkwo's children

2. Missionaries

2.1. Mr. Brown

2.1.1. First white missionary to traveled to Umuofia

2.1.2. Very understanding and kind

2.2. Mr. James Smith

2.2.1. A replacement of Mr. Brown, when he leaves Umuofia

2.2.2. Very Strict

2.2.3. Rejects indigenous beliefs