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Louisiana Waterthrush by Mind Map: Louisiana
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Louisiana Waterthrush



it must live in clean air but not to much humid air but can survie in humid air


live's in these area's on river swamps, and along sluggish streams.


needs to be in a not to cold area around the climate of 3-10 degrees celcius


live in south ontario other area's like new england south texas is where they perfer to live




if this bird is happy or meeting a female the male will spend most of his time singing a song to impress her or for fun.


male and female may grow to 5.5 inch and can weigth up to 19-23g.


the life span of this bird is not to long but is a standard of 3-6 years dippending on seson, first hatches in a grup of 4-6 eggs and will use its beek to start cracking little hole's till it maybe easier for it to break lose of the egg and will be left alone on nest for a few minuits while its mother get's food for there child


underbody is white with some black/greyish lines top part of body is a black/green/grey colour with a white throat


lays up to 4-6 eggs. mating season for this animal is some time in may-july

my recources

my main one was this one i got almost all my information from it

recources number 2 was

action plan

I think the government can: do alot of things to help this animal such as... stop cutting down tree's and making home's in that area beacuse this bird need's to live and get its food from here and without it the birds will be all gone

a thing that i think i can do to help is: i think that if i stop littering around forset area's or any area and just put in a garbage instead of being lazy just help out area and clean forest help injured animals and the forest will be safe from construction working in the area of this animal and other animals

what the other animal/or other nature group to help animals can do is: they can plant more tree's grow more wild life area's and for them to tell the goverment to stop taking are area down and do what they need to do.


the current status of this animal is :special Concern Provincially

fun facts

did you know that the louisiana waterthrush is almost exact look of a sparrow

did you also know that this bird sleeps in the middle of the day unlike most bird who just sleep during the night this bird goes into a very couzzy like form and sleeps on almost any high nice air area

human impact on louisiana waterthrush

people like construction workers dont really care bout any animals they care about finishing there job and getting there pay now i dont blame them for doing there job to feed there family but atleast dont do it in are area's of where this anmail/other animals live but its not fair if animals helpless like this bird are being forced out of there area

biome or ecozone

water and swamps,and tree's