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Andreas Blumauer by Mind Map: Andreas Blumauer
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Andreas Blumauer

Andreas Blumauer studied Computer Sciences and Business Administration and started his career as a software developer for financial services. In 1998 he co-founded Services, a specialised software company, which has developed several national and international knowledge platforms. He is a managing partner at the Semantic Web Company and responsible for several consultancy projects. Andreas is lecturer at University of Applied Sciences in Vienna - FHWien and at Danube Univerity Krems in the areas of Knowledge Management Systems and Semantic Technologies.


Enterprise Mashups


Enrich the intranets with internet content


over 40k ideas on how to clean up the Oil, Crowd Sourced

Canadian Gold mining Company

published 400 MB of data

crowd sourced over $3B in mining data

TEDx Vienna


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Open or closed? intranets in the age of the internet

Open Intranet?

really boring


search is bad

we all feel more comfortable on the web

Similar to Castles, closed

We are living in an age of

"The web is a place that's still not clear, dangerous,...", we need to keep it away from our intranet


The fly that crawls on the Rembrandt, open, it can take molecules away from the painting, closed, The fly is not open to understanding Rembrandt

User's perspective

it's exhausting to live on the internet

jumping around, search, copy, paste, alt/tab

I want the same functionality on the intranet as I do on the internet

better search

I don't want to jump around

integrated views

interactive content, feedback, ratings

How do we convince Enterprises to open to the web?

Take the lead from open Government information