Andreas Blumauer

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Andreas Blumauer by Mind Map: Andreas Blumauer

1. Examples

1.1. Enterprise Mashups

1.1.1. LinkedIn

1.1.2. Enrich the intranets with internet content

1.2. BP

1.2.1. over 40k ideas on how to clean up the Oil Crowd Sourced

1.3. Canadian Gold mining Company

1.3.1. published 400 MB of data

1.3.2. crowd sourced over $3B in mining data

2. TEDx Vienna

2.1. Legend

2.1.1. Use the + and - icons to expand/collapse nodes

2.1.2. Hover over the circle with lines to read attached notes

2.1.3. The forward pointing arrow indicates a link associated with the node

3. Open or closed? intranets in the age of the internet

3.1. Open Intranet?

3.1.1. really boring

3.1.2. broken

3.1.3. search is bad

3.1.4. we all feel more comfortable on the web

3.1.5. Similar to Castles closed

3.2. We are living in an age of

3.2.1. "The web is a place that's still not clear, dangerous,..." we need to keep it away from our intranet

3.3. Example:

3.3.1. The fly that crawls on the Rembrandt open it can take molecules away from the painting closed The fly is not open to understanding Rembrandt

3.4. User's perspective

3.4.1. it's exhausting to live on the internet

3.4.2. jumping around search copy paste alt/tab

3.5. I want the same functionality on the intranet as I do on the internet

3.5.1. better search

3.5.2. I don't want to jump around

3.5.3. integrated views

3.5.4. interactive content feedback ratings

3.6. How do we convince Enterprises to open to the web?

3.6.1. Take the lead from open Government information