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Platypus by Mind Map: Platypus

1. Habitat

1.1. clean air

1.2. Needs warter to lay eggs

1.3. It needs lots of space

1.4. needs to live in hot temperature

2. Blology

2.1. A adult platypus is 45cm to 60cm long

2.2. It has a brown body and a green mouth

2.3. It starts from a egg then when it comes out of its egg then it spends several monthes with it's mother then it may live after 9-11 years

2.4. It lives in the water

3. Image


4. Map


5. Biome or Ecozone

5.1. freshwater

6. Status

6.1. endagered

7. Action Plan

7.1. the govrmment can help by living the water clean

7.2. i can help by not to wast water

7.3. New node

8. Human Ipmacts

8.1. to not to polluting in the water

8.2. destroying habitats