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Hosting and the Woes by Mind Map: Hosting and the Woes
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Hosting and the Woes


Tom Mornini (Engine Yard)

Ezra Zygmuntowicz (EngineYard)

Jamie van Dyke (Engine Yard)

Rails problems


User.find(:all).each do |leak|, development, 20 recors, production, millions of record, no indexes (sometimes), index your foreign keys!


indexes corrupted

only solution: switch to sphinx, plugin that uses deltas to keep the index up tu date??

image science

hodel 3000

alternative logger

default mode is debug mode

how much traffic can you handle?


10.000+ visitors

no signups


1.000+ visitors


500-1000 visitors

no signups

TV brings special traffic

2000+ connections!

how much traffic?

no answer


cache cache cache

file io down



extra tasks for capistrano, ferret, mongrel, memcached, nginx

ebb vs mongrel vs thin

ebb, extremely fast, not production ready

which one to choose?, is more important to concern about the application, architecture, etc, small differences



no problems with nginx (a lot with ferret)

Superflipados con nginx


interesting (garbage collector)

more interesting: rubinius and mod_rubinius

memory usage more mongrels or less?

not concern about memory

more than 3 mongrels per cpu is useless

if you need more mongrels then probably you have problems in yout application

static files need to be local or cluster areas?

File distribution systems (NFS, samba,etc...)

Works like locally (filesystem abstraction)

handle asyncronous proccess, bg processes

background-rb naive, doesn't scale

BJ (background job) is the way to go

distribuite workload in the server farm

everything virtualized