TEDxAms2010 - 1. Welcome by Jim Stolze

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TEDxAms2010 - 1. Welcome by Jim Stolze by Mind Map: TEDxAms2010  -   1. Welcome by Jim Stolze

1. Jim Stolze

2. Back to overview map

3. previously

3.1. Jim Stolze coming up

3.1.1. great intro movie

3.1.2. welcoming the simulcast location

3.1.3. Joris isn't here

3.1.4. host replacement: Ted Rosenfeld - Boom Chicago is not mentioning Boom Chicago ;-)

3.2. TedxBoom = a TED head

3.2.1. elite club

3.2.2. scret wink

3.2.3. rest think; weird club of nerds who made it

3.2.4. who will be the mayor of stadschouwburg today of foursquare 5000 on the waiting list

3.2.5. will be assuring to get the most idea's possible today

3.2.6. houserules devices only at the press balkon tweet #tedxams no flash photo's

4. creative

4.1. lots of stuff created

4.2. lots more to show

5. 1 year ago

5.1. last one on stage the thank you guy

5.2. Host Joris Luyendijk

5.2.1. not available

5.3. etc...

6. host

6.1. (boom chicago)

6.1.1. no boom chicago

6.1.2. all TED heads here enthusiast elite club read economist secret wink at airport intelligent type nerds from high school who made it major on stadschouwburg on foursquare

6.1.3. 750 people in here

6.1.4. 5000 on waiting list

6.1.5. 1000s on simulcast 3d glasses at tuschinski

6.1.6. enjoy most ideas possible

6.1.7. get your ideas on ted.com

6.2. it's about the speakers