TEDxAms2010 - 2. Prof. Dr Gerardus ‘t Hooft - "Playing with planets"

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TEDxAms2010 - 2. Prof. Dr Gerardus ‘t Hooft - "Playing with planets" by Mind Map: TEDxAms2010  -  2. Prof. Dr Gerardus ‘t Hooft -  "Playing with planets"

1. theoretical physist

1.1. mysterious secrets in atom

1.2. deep ideas on atom

1.2.1. high impact

1.3. nucleair energy

1.4. transform our science

2. Prof. Dr Gerardus ‘t Hooft

2.1. physicist

2.2. nobel price winner

3. Back to overview map

4. New node

5. science fiction

5.1. unscientific

5.2. won't work

5.2.1. teletransportation beam me up scotty

5.2.2. transportation faster than speed of light

5.2.3. travel 100 kms per second

5.2.4. paranormal phenomena

5.2.5. no signals go faster then light

5.3. laws of nature forbid

6. what can we do

6.1. not possible

6.1.1. black hole space time see Einstein forge a worm hole starktrek black holes, worm holes tunnels in space time dangerous objects stay away from black holes lost for ever

6.2. possibilities

6.3. conventional way of departing earth

6.3.1. space shuttle lots of gases

6.3.2. not sustainable

6.3.3. there are better ways

6.3.4. energie costs to lift up a satelite

6.4. space elevator

6.5. space conolisation

6.5.1. many people dream on it

6.5.2. many US citizens lobby for it

6.5.3. set up human colonis donate money to NASA realize their dreams

6.5.4. focus on Mars send people there human colony lobbying for Mars program worries take into account apollo program first success and then failiure no human colony on moon dreams of establishing permanent human colony on mars

6.5.5. expand to other planets other than mars jupiter & saturnus too large too dangerous look at the little moons moons pluto and its moons

6.6. one day, realizations

6.6.1. how to deploy robots first space exploration by robots current are stupid 20th century make us of 21st century technique

7. computers

7.1. more possibilities

7.2. information eara

7.2.1. not so distant future

7.2.2. tv

7.2.3. ipods/ iphones address it as a human no mis types

7.2.4. intelligent computer

7.2.5. Moores law computer technology will magnify by every 6 years continious limit when we reach atomic sizes it can continue 50 / 100 years image when a computer wll be come million times more powerfull computers memory will be bogger then the human brain

7.3. computers will take over the world

7.4. they will have consciousness

7.5. its frightening

7.6. computers don't have biological needs

8. space exploration

8.1. robots are needed

8.2. computers needed

8.3. now a robot travels to pluto and makes a scan of it

8.4. will we reach the stars?

8.4.1. they are far away

8.4.2. need to go faster than speed of light not possible it will take 1000s of years to reach it it is possible for robots

8.4.3. via robots we could slowly expand


9. back-up livemindmapper

9.1. Prof. Dr Gerardus ‘t Hooft - "Playing with planets"

9.1.1. science fiction using real science

9.1.2. theoritical physicist

9.1.3. no 'beam me up, Scotty'

9.1.4. 1. space colonization black hole space and time are curved millions in the galaxy might be possible to go through one? go outerspace? picture spaceshuttle waste of Energy? mars: not really however; they are moons no atmosphere use 'domes' first robots than us; i Hope shows hotel he designed 1st our moon

9.1.5. 2. computer intelligence information era has only just begun moores law computer power will continue over 50 years human intelligence will be overtaken computers will be inserted into people dangerous wrong people wrong causes only robots will reach the stars