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TEDxAms2010 - 6. Howard-Yana Shapiro - Thoughts on Cacao: An Uncommon Collaboration In 3 Parts by Mind Map: TEDxAms2010 
6. Howard-Yana Shapiro -  
Thoughts on Cacao: An Uncommon 
Collaboration In 3 Parts
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TEDxAms2010 - 6. Howard-Yana Shapiro - Thoughts on Cacao: An Uncommon Collaboration In 3 Parts

2nd livemindmapper

6. Howard-Yana Shapiro - "Thoughts on Cacao: An Uncommon Collaboration In 3 Parts."

100% sustainable?

from mars

standing in a red circle now

make decisions differently

key: uncommon collaboration

create new cultivars

sequencing machinery

what is really possible

sol can not be found in isolation

no tunnelvision, build real sustainabilty, cannot do it alone (MArs comp.)

everything is forced by nature

nature as a whole is altered by a constant unrelenting pressure

more than my glasses to look at the world, also system view

reject all dogma

embrace uncertainty

how to understand a system?

nature is not that robust anymore

tree, of knowledge, of sin, food of the gods, cacoa, protected Christ, protected by christ, original meaning is lost, now

we must do more with less, ex. rainforest, no more land to claim, 40% world of prod. Cote DÍvoire, farmers cannot live from 450 per hectares, 'slave chocolate', need to produce 1500 per ha

need 2000000 metric tons

MArs comp. tried to understand the cocao genome, released to public domain, more cocao from less land, no poverty

important for farmers, no more that much insecticides, tropical storms, draughts, 6,5 mln small farmer lives depend on it!

need certification PLUS to prevent:

promise, lead with them to help with decisions, putting money on the table

must not avoid complex questions, can we build diverse collaboration, need to when solving complex (system) problems, Einstein: we are here for the sake of others

no certifiction of poverty

less trees cut

conclusion, fix livelyhoods, sustainable, nutrition, houses, etc, collaboration, change the way we think, succeeding?, embrace complex solution, einstein quote

more production

more cacao

talk about a change

no more poverty due to low production numbers due to space

good for farmers


cacao is producted in tropics

poverty excist in tropics

mars inc

investments in people


New node

Howard-Yana Shapiro


100% sustainable

mars inc.

Back to overview map

I am from Mars Inc

game changer

solutions cannot be found in isolation

Mars incorporated

privately held


personal experience

see in systems

see the world thru farmers eyes

reject al dogma

embrace uncertainty

dismiss predjuce

really understand stress & shocks?

nature is robust

respond to any attack

how much robustness is left?



tree of, knowledge, coco tree, health, blessed, cocu fruits only used in ceremonies, sin, seeds were used as currency, originaly meaning gone

New node

26 mayan languages of cacao

where comes coco from?

running our biological capital

forests disappear

due to inefficient farming

coco farmers can not excist in Africa

cacao per hectare is a problem

released the approach publicy



make a smarter planet

more production and more efficient production of cacao



less trees need to chopped


better for life

better for planet

betterfor tropics