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TEDxAms2010 - 7. Drift Studio - Fragile Future by Mind Map: TEDxAms2010 
7. Drift Studio -
Fragile Future
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TEDxAms2010 - 7. Drift Studio - Fragile Future



to dream

be part of nature

5 years later


glowing dandelion leds

15 people employed

collect dandelions, pick, store, dry

then use them in systems

3d model

electricity keeps running

free form

example, chandeliers


high tech, nature

low tech

intangible emotions & feelings

interested in technology

we use tech to show and spread visions

tech to be used to create a better world

Drift Studio

Lonneke Gordijn

little girl

loved horses

not riding

i was the horse

horse skills

Back to overview map

look at nature

design your life

thank you ikea

designer: i dont care about stuff

how do we experience

what makes you feel happy?

not ferrari red color

but the speed

started design studio

together with Ralph Nauta

robots, r2d2

science fiction, intergalactic wars

horse & robot together


fragile future


complementairy elements, nature, technology

result, electrical circuit, not everything is replaceble, if you break a dandelion, its gone, same for tigers

2nd livemindmapper

7. Drift Studio - "Fragile Future"

Lonneke Gordijn loved horses, wanted to become one

became a designer, not to put in a lot of stuff in your house

don't care about stuff!, not the color of the racecar but the speed, the sensation

studio drift, convergence of horse and robot

fragile future, electrical systems with natural component integrated, mind of their own, dandelion on led's, photo, looks beautiful, check out this link!, 3d modules

use technolgy to spread vision, create better world, good, us, world