TEDxAms2010 - 16. Sarah Darwin - In Darwin’s Wake

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TEDxAms2010 - 16. Sarah Darwin - In Darwin’s Wake by Mind Map: TEDxAms2010  - 16. Sarah Darwin - In Darwin’s Wake

1. Sarah Darwin

1.1. biologist

1.1.1. botanist

1.2. beagle project

1.3. great grand daugther of charles darwin

2. Back to overview map

3. beagle crew

3.1. do we have reason to worry

4. voyage of beagle (by darwin)

4.1. shear passion

4.2. nature is inspiration

4.3. emotional journey

4.4. 20 years old

4.4.1. averagely clever

4.4.2. what made him?

4.4.3. came up with a theory

4.5. took the same journey as grandfather

4.5.1. uncomfortable questions

4.5.2. less connected with nature

5. september2009

5.1. hand in thesis on genetics

5.2. started in plymouth harbor

5.2.1. boat off we go

5.3. South America was everything to Darwin

5.3.1. show extreme differences whats happening between humans and nature

6. 2 locations in South America

6.1. brazil

6.1.1. Brazil then tropical forests complete assault on his being plants birds rotting vegetation many species biodoversity

6.1.2. Brazil now lots of forrest gone now streets, cars different experience no nature humans seperated from nature 1,5 hr drive away from coast before forest

6.2. indians,tierra del fuego

6.2.1. then common origins lots of natives natives animals and humans one origin convert them to christianity mission failed somebody started a mission and succeeded the end of native all life interconnected

6.2.2. now one woman left Yaghan indian pristine landscape lots of nature, no people

7. are we less connected to nature?

7.1. YES

7.2. half contact lost within one generation

7.3. do we care?

7.3.1. all goes well

7.3.2. when spend time in nature it is good for us

7.4. genetically were connected with nature

7.5. people who are connected with nature care more about the preservation of it

8. go and rediscover our connection with nature

8.1. Like Charles Darwin did