TEDxAms2010 - 20. Irene Mathijssen - Innovations in plastic and reconstructive surgery

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TEDxAms2010 - 20. Irene Mathijssen - Innovations in plastic and reconstructive surgery by Mind Map: TEDxAms2010  -  20. Irene Mathijssen -  Innovations in plastic and  reconstructive surgery

1. innovation

1.1. reconnect blood vessels

1.2. transplant heart

1.3. plastic

1.3.1. restore for instance fingers

1.3.2. underlaying unity

1.3.3. micro surgery

1.3.4. reconstruct breasts in case of breast cancer with breast amputation use tissue and bloodvessels from for instance belly abdomen use it for the reconstructed breast own tissue is better than sillicone Result: improvement in quality of life

1.4. microsurgery

1.4.1. entire face transplantation

1.4.2. skin tissue has a high risk of being rejected high dosis to surpress immune system medications high risk of infections

1.4.3. recent facial transplantations whos gonna be a donor? will the patient accept a new face you will be a mixture of your self and partly of someone else the face not my face

2. Prof JJ van der meulen brough it to Erasmus MC

2.1. solution for eye holes

2.2. other parts

2.3. use distraction techniques

2.4. slowely move the skull parts

2.5. normalizing facial experience

2.5.1. appear retared while the aren't

2.5.2. different look means retarded improve changes in society

3. WW1

3.1. lots of soldiers injured in face

3.2. no cure

4. Irene Mathijssen

4.1. associate prof erasmus

4.2. Department of Plastic, Reconstructive Surgery and Hand Surgery of the Erasmus Medical Centre.

4.3. Craniofacial surgery

5. Back to overview map

6. WW2

6.1. developments in plastic surgery

6.1.1. for soldiers

6.2. foundation

6.2.1. guineapig club

6.2.2. wrote anthem

7. today

7.1. vicitimized

7.1.1. such noses ears limps skinparts

7.2. now transplant skin parts

7.3. move bone in skull & face

7.3.1. malfunctions face

7.3.2. skull wont grow while brain grows eye hole to big develop techqniques to fix this dry skulls try out on real living patients started with adults procedure not with trial & error

8. conclusion

8.1. restore quality of life

9. Future

9.1. what do we need

9.1.1. tissue engineering take a small piece grow in lab in 3d then put it back no need imuun surpression

10. 2nd livemindmapper

10.1. 20. Irene Mathijssen - "Innovations in plastic and reconstructive surgery"

10.1.1. origin 2nd WW

10.1.2. guinea pigs club

10.1.3. even today war surgery

10.1.4. 60 ties start moving bone of the skull congenital conditions skull fuses can't protect eyesockets

10.1.5. new techniques por quoi pas

10.1.6. huge step in plastic surgery

10.1.7. also normalizing facial appearence people regard you as being retarded normal intelligence improve chances in society

10.1.8. also 60ties reconnect bloodvessels