Differentiating Lesson Plans to Meet Student Needs

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Differentiating Lesson Plans to Meet Student Needs by Mind Map: Differentiating Lesson Plans to Meet Student Needs

1. Objective: SWBAT identify possessive nouns and pronouns and use them correctly with at least 85% accuracy.

1.1. 8th Grade ELA

2. A.N.

2.1. Interests

2.1.1. Team sports

2.1.2. Friends

2.1.3. Watching soccer

2.2. Readiness Level

2.2.1. Is below grade level in reading and math

2.2.2. Frequently misbehaves because he is confused in class.

2.2.3. Loves to be part of a team so he loves group work

2.3. Learning Preferences

2.3.1. Does not like to work alone because he easily gets confused

2.4. Teaching Strategies

2.4.1. Three-Dimensional Lessons He would benefit from Think-Pair-Share to reinforce his understanding of the content of nouns and pronouns

2.4.2. Limit options Differentiate so that he only has two options to choose from on the noun and pronoun formative

2.4.3. Step-by-Step Instructions

3. S.C.

3.1. Interests

3.1.1. Music

3.1.2. Politics

3.1.3. Friends

3.2. Readiness Level

3.2.1. Is above grade level in reading and math.

3.2.2. Frequently misbehaves because she is bored in class

3.3. Learning Preferences

3.3.1. Prefers working either independently or being in charge of a group.

3.3.2. Enjoys having discussions in class because she loves to talk

3.3.3. Likes to have authority, but has difficultly respecting teachers as authority

3.4. Teaching Strategies

3.4.1. Teach Assist She will be given the job of helping keep students that are struggling with the objective on task She will benefit from this because she will have power and use her knowledge to help others

3.4.2. Project Based Learning She will have a different assignment. She will be required to write a paper about something she is passionate about (politics, music, etc.) and identify the nouns and pronouns in her own writing This PBL will benefit her because she will be in control