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English by Mind Map: English

1. Assigments

1.1. Book Report

1.1.1. We had to choose a book from the library and make a writtnen report.

1.2. Persuasive Essay

1.2.1. We write about any subject thats considered controversy

1.3. Book Report Presentation

1.3.1. We choose a book and make a presentation

1.4. Book Report- Be Creative!!

1.4.1. We choose a book and do something creative related

1.5. Tesseract Adventure

1.5.1. We write about our adventure while tessering, and we have to relate it with the book we read, "A Wrinkle in Time"

2. Techer

3. Mr.s De Groot

4. Books

4.1. A Wrinkle in Time

4.1.1. Pages 220

4.1.2. Characters Meg Mr.Murray Mrs.Murray IT Man with Red Eyes Charlace Wallace

4.1.3. Themes Love Sacrifice Hatred Rage

5. Excercise Books

6. Elements of Literature