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Portable Devices: Tablets by Mind Map: Portable Devices: Tablets
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Portable Devices: Tablets


Archos 9 Pctablet

performance of a high-end Netbook

maximum portability

3D graphics

Adobe Flash 10 support

(instant messaging, 3D games, newspapers, video chatting, etc.

HP Slate

Windows environment

Check e-mail, web, read, edit documents, presentations, spreadsheets

VGA webcam

Cut the cords and stay productive

wirelessly to Bluetooth

Blackberry Playbook

True multitasking

Professional grade performance

Built in Adobe Flash

Security, efficiency, manageability

Face-to-face conversations

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Compact and light

3G connectivity, Wi-Fi

download any of the tens of thousands of cool apps

Android 2.2 and Flash support

Fully integrated: Google Maps, YouTube

Apple IPad

large Multi-Touch screen

unified inbox, split-screen view, expansive onscreen keyboard

The 9.7-inch high-resolution screen

YouTube app is designed

With Wi-Fi access