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Mobile Apps by Mind Map: Mobile Apps

1. Writing Tools

1.1. Jotter Pad- jot down notes, brainstorm, and start on a clean spread by viewing all of your ideas!

1.2. Pro Writing Aid- edits and revises your own person writings.

2. Reading Tools

2.1. Bookster- your child or students can choose from a library of books and hear someone their age read the book!

2.2. TouchyBooks- offers sound and animation with one touch, as your student reads along.

3. Recording Tools

3.1. iTalk- record your voice at the touch of your fingertips.

3.2. Voice Recorder- easy to use and a reliable way to save voice recordings.

4. Communication Tools

4.1. Look2Learn- this app is for students who struggle with reading, use pictures to communicate!

4.2. Twitter- Update and send notifications to faculty and teachers.

5. Collaboration Tools

5.1. Trello- live feed of advice, suggestions, information, and more!

5.2. Red Pen- upload and get your papers/ documents edited by other professionals!

6. Audio Tools

6.1. Hokusai Audio Editor- Create and edit tracks together!

6.2. Pocket Wave Rade- Record and edit sounds, reading, and music your way.