Transformational Coaching and Personal Breakthrough Journey  with Devora Gila Berkowitz

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Transformational Coaching and Personal Breakthrough Journey  with Devora Gila Berkowitz by Mind Map: Transformational Coaching and Personal Breakthrough Journey  with Devora Gila Berkowitz

1. What happens for client

1.1. Receiving

1.1.1. Compassion

1.1.2. Unconditional love

1.1.3. Co-creative healing process

1.2. Connection

1.2.1. God/Source/Truth

1.2.2. Self Self-acceptance Trust Intuition

1.3. Deep understanding

1.3.1. Life experiences

1.3.2. "Ah-hahs" New perspectives Possibiilities

1.4. Creation

1.4.1. Breakthrough Mindsets New neurological connections Affirmations Mantras Resonance Synergy

1.5. Choice

1.5.1. Action steps Move forward Change experience Transform reality

1.6. Accountability

1.6.1. Take action Achieve desired results Success Healing Breakthroughs


1.7.1. "Take-aways"

1.7.2. Integration

1.7.3. Value added to session

1.7.4. Creates next steps



4. "How I Work with My Clients"

5. Call Strategy Form

5.1. Preparation

5.2. Gather thoughts and intentions

5.3. Fully leverage time of session

6. What I provide

6.1. Connection

6.1.1. God/Divine/Source

6.1.2. Divine Healing Energy Field

6.1.3. Self

6.1.4. Client

6.2. Relationship

6.2.1. God/Divine/Source

6.2.2. Divine Blueprint for Creation

6.2.3. Self

6.3. Skill Set:

6.3.1. Academic background A.B. Harvard, Linguistics/Psychology M.A. Middlebury College

6.3.2. Training Torah Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher Certified Life Coach Divine Healing Prayer Healing Consciousness and Transformation

6.3.3. Toolkit of healing modalities on levels of body, mind and soul

6.3.4. Certified Bootcamp Momentum Coach from The Coaches Console

6.4. Wisdom

6.4.1. Life challenges

6.4.2. Personal losses

6.4.3. Successes and triumphs

6.4.4. Healing journey

6.4.5. Jewish Spirituality

6.5. Creator

6.5.1. Proven 10-Step System

6.5.2. Private and Group Programs

6.5.3. Holistic Vocal Coaching

6.6. Ability

6.6.1. Resonate client's intentions

6.6.2. Hold spiritual space for client succes Possibility Opportunity Change Transformation Healing

7. What happens through me

7.1. Emotional

7.1.1. Deep empathy

7.1.2. Compassion for the human experience

7.1.3. Support for client's process

7.2. Spiritual

7.2.1. Powerful insight Understanding the bigger picture Past Present Future

7.2.2. Intuition Understanding the spiritual journey

7.2.3. Vision Solutions Spiritual Emotional Practical

7.3. Psychological

7.3.1. Awareness Client's current limited belief mindset Breakthrough Mindset solution

7.3.2. Conviction for clear path of client’s vision for client success

7.4. Practical

7.4.1. Step-by-step process that activates energetic powers of the soul

7.4.2. Application of appropriate concepts/tools/techniques