My first mindmap

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My first mindmap by Mind Map: My first mindmap

1. links

1.1. jan 28 2007



1.1.3. marketing

1.1.4. paper

1.1.5. Green

1.1.6. web developement javascript seo wordpress drupal tech dns servers ubuntu

1.1.7. to-check google apps

1.1.8. rocketry

1.2. jan 30 2007

1.2.1. mind mapping about mind maps

1.3. Feb1



1.3.3. <- sucks

1.4. Feb 4

1.4.1. Blender New node

1.5. Feb 7

1.5.1. ubuntu

1.5.2. web

1.6. Feb 15



2. Political correctness speech

2.1. introduction

2.1.1. Political correctness, though well-intentioned, is at best misguided and at worst potentially divisive

2.1.2. While it is important to respect individuals and their viewpoints and philosophies, enforcing respect has conterproductive results Another counterproductive result may be weakening of organizations or businesses due to enforced diversity A third counterproductive result may be division and increased isolation for some due to conflict and control arising from enforced orothodoxy Another counterproductive result may be the opposite of the desired result of political correctness- namely the marginalization of unpopular ideas- those not in line with public opinion

2.2. By the way- in case you don't see the texts I sent before you see this- the mindmeister app works surprisingly well and easily.

2.3. I also really really think you should change your topic to "You should try mindmapping" It would be easy and fast to get a GOOD grade instead of fumble on a battle you'll never win and could not possibly even begin to cover in 6 minutes...

2.4. Body

2.4.1. orthodoxy if this way is right, that way is wrong leads to conflict

2.4.2. speech codes unpopular opinions now penalized one narrative "viewpoint discrimination"

2.5. Conclusion