Final Project - Manny San Miguel

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Final Project - Manny San Miguel by Mind Map: Final Project - Manny San Miguel

1. Site -

1.1. We created our own site which allowed us to show off all of our work!

2. Calendar -

2.1. I was able to organize my work and school schedule with the help of my calendar.

3. Resume -

3.1. Freshened up my resume.

4. History -

4.1. I learned about the history of computers. I didn't realize how big computers once were!

5. Network -

5.1. We learned about different types of networks.

6. Nanotechnology Report -

6.1. Nanotechnology is the way of the future!!!

7. Loan Calculator -

7.1. We created a loan calculator from a spreadsheet...looks like I need to save more money for retirement!

8. System Development Prezi -

8.1. We learned about agile and traditional system development.

9. Ethics Report -

9.1. I created an Access Database report for the first time.

10. Browser Mindmap -

10.1. I must say...I really enjoyed creating Mindmaps!

11. Operating System Mindmap -

11.1. We learned about several types of operating systems.

12. Hardware Mindmap -

12.1. I researched the various types of smart phones available....I love my Droid!!!