Laughter Out of Place

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Laughter Out of Place by Mind Map: Laughter Out of Place

1. Intro:

1.1. Hard Humor

1.1.1. Black Humor black humor as an emotional aesthetic emerges out of the difficult circumstances of everyday

1.1.2. Meanings disguised in the laughter

1.1.3. connection between absurdity and laughter

1.2. Humor is the theme

1.2.1. Laughter and humor play a significant role in power relations (loud)

1.2.2. ability to find laughter in human tragedy

1.2.3. humor a form of resistance

1.3. Jokes are powerful

1.3.1. help express what is difficult to communicate or for areas of discontent in social life

1.3.2. Laughter reveals the fault lines in social relations.

2. Chapter 1

2.1. Gloria main character

2.1.1. 14 children

2.1.2. favelas (shantytown) Felicidades Eterna unable to revolt, use their laughter to oppose official Brazilian racial, class, and gender ideology.

2.1.3. impoverished communities embedded in structures of power beyond their control Laughter reveals the fault lines in social relations.

2.2. History of women

2.2.1. women's popular culture in Rio largely oral

2.2.2. women in this book are far removed from the economic transform in Brazil

2.2.3. their background the women: lineage domestic workers, trying to break this tradition but finding limited success in finding alternative forms of employment