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$cale¢hange by Mind Map: $cale¢hange

1. Scalechange and its partners offer $cale¢hange ($¢) to their stakeholders through cause-marketing campaigns.

2. Who?

2.1. User Cases:

2.2. Shopping online

2.3. Shopping in person with wifi

2.4. Shopping in person without wifi

2.5. Social activity online

2.6. Social activity in person with wifi

2.7. Social activity in person without wifi

2.8. Online contents

2.9. Contests in person with wifi

2.10. Contests in person without wifi

2.11. Internal Clients

2.12. External Clients

3. Stakeholders become shareholders - recipients of $cale¢hange receive equity of equal value (USD) in a crowd-controlled venture capital firm.

4. Recipients of $cale¢hange are the same as shareholders except that their dividends are reinvested into a VC fund. and invested in social venture startups of their choosing, which they then own indirectly.