Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

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Multi-Tiered Systems of Support by Mind Map: Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

1. Three Tiers

1.1. Represents a layer of support

1.1.1. Universal Every student

1.1.2. Targeted Some students

1.1.3. Intensive Few students

2. One system, multiple levels of support

2.1. Academic Support

2.1.1. Response to Intervention Screening Ongoing Assessment Tiered Instruction Parent Involvement High Quality Instruction

2.2. Behavioral Support

2.2.1. Positive Behavioral Support Primary Prevention School and classroom wide Secondary Prevention Specialized group Tertiary Prevention Specialized individual

3. Systematic and Prevention Based Approach

3.1. Data

3.1.1. Decision making

3.2. Practices

3.2.1. Student learning

3.3. Systems

3.3.1. Adult learning and behavior