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Poetry by Mind Map: Poetry

1. Romanticism

1.1. Often tied to nature

1.2. The Seven Beliefs

1.2.1. The universe is a mysterious and wonderful place

1.2.2. Human beings are wonderful due to their complexity and variety

1.2.3. Our physical environment is wonderful and fascinating

1.2.4. Behind all physical appearance, there is mysterious and wonderful spirituality

1.2.5. The creative imagination is a necessary complement to the critical intellect

1.2.6. Human beings have infinite potential

1.2.7. Human beings need to have the maximum degree of political and moral freedom to achieve maximum development

1.3. Four Interests

1.3.1. The particular rather than the general - in all areas

1.3.2. The unique, the different, the abnormal, the eccentric

1.3.3. Wild nature, the landscape through which it's beauty and power arouses the sense of wonder, reverence and awe

1.3.4. New forms and styles that reveal a new vision

1.4. The Influences

1.4.1. The American Revolution

1.4.2. The French Revolution

1.4.3. The Industrial Revolution

1.5. Poets

1.5.1. Keats

1.5.2. Coleridge

1.5.3. William Wordsworth "the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings"

2. Carpe Diem

2.1. Living life to the fullest

2.1.1. "YOLO"

2.1.2. Enjoy the day

2.2. Translated from Latin to "Seize the Day"

2.3. Against the strict forms

2.3.1. Sonnet

2.3.2. Rhyme Scheme

2.3.3. Exact Metre

2.3.4. Exact number of lines

2.4. Characteristics

2.4.1. Witty

2.4.2. "Light"

2.4.3. Inevitability of death

2.4.4. Imagery Nature Flowers Sunsets Sun rising to setting represents living to dying

2.4.5. Strong Rhythm

2.4.6. Oldest record of writings

2.4.7. Taking control of physical beauty

3. Metaphysical

3.1. Characteristics

3.1.1. Brevity

3.1.2. Use of conceits

3.1.3. Dramatic quality

3.1.4. Imagery Cosmic Geographical Theological Coins Personification

3.1.5. Baroque Style

3.1.6. Wit

3.2. English lyric poets

3.2.1. Samuel Johnson

3.2.2. John Donne

3.3. Speculated topics

3.3.1. Love

3.3.2. Religion

3.4. Philosophical poetry

3.5. Influenced by Neo-Platonism

4. Dramatic Monologue

4.1. Tension between what the speaker says about him/her self

4.2. A maintained speech made by one character to a client listener

4.3. The speaker will "unmask" themselves his/her self

4.3.1. Word choice of speaker hints to their reveal

4.4. Circumstances that bring the speaker and reader close together

4.4.1. Setting and motivation Psychological analysis

4.5. "Persona Poems"

4.6. Qualities are left for the reader to determine

4.6.1. Subjective qualities