Map to organize features requested for solidus_marketplace

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solidus_marketplace by Mind Map: solidus_marketplace

1. Market Participant Facing Features

1.1. Drop Shipping

1.1.1. Multiple Warehouse Support

1.2. Vendor User Management

1.2.1. Role based permissions

2. Market Adminstrator/Owner  Requirements

3. Payments

3.1. Commissions / Payments to merchants

3.1.1. Fixed Rate

3.1.2. Volume Based Sliding Scale

3.2. Payment Method

3.2.1. Configurable Methods

3.2.2. Centralized Payments/ Market maker decides on payment methods

4. Tennancy

4.1. 1App, 1 Top Level Domain, Multiple Vendors

4.1.1. Custom Subdomain for Vendor

4.1.2. Vendor has custom URL

4.2. Top Level Marketplace Domain, with ability for other top level domains for merchants