Student Assessments

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Student Assessments by Mind Map: Student Assessments

1. diagnostic

1.1. Of learning

1.2. Example: counting with my students and seeing how far they are able to go

1.3. + it is great for creating lessons. if you know where your students are you can make lessons that are just right for them

1.4. - it may allow educators to make incorrect inferences about student ability

2. formative

2.1. For learning

2.2. Example: observing my students during large group

2.3. +often students will not know they are being assess so it takes pressure off

2.4. - it is easier to misread information

3. summative

3.1. can be of and for learning

3.2. Example: recording my students retelling a familiar story

3.3. + great way to evaluate how much students have learned at the end of the unit

3.4. - high anxiety for students= lower performance

4. performance-based

4.1. For learning

4.2. Example: Ask students to count 10 pretzels for each student

4.3. + students are applying their learning

4.4. - time consuming

5. high-stakes

5.1. of learning

5.2. Example: Standardized test

5.3. + able to see student ability across a large body of students

5.4. - teachers teach for the test

6. portfolio

6.1. For learning

6.2. Example: student art over the course of the year

6.3. + includes various forms of evidence of learning

6.4. - can be judged on presentation and not content

7. authentic

7.1. for learning

7.2. Example: students being creative with blocks and showing what they've created

7.3. + students are more proud of their work

7.4. - Difficult to coordinate with mandatory educational standards

8. self-assessment

8.1. for learning

8.2. Example: self correcting language

8.3. + students are in charge of their learning

8.4. - students may not give the best assessment of themselves. Also hard to do in the early years

9. peer assessment

9.1. for learning

9.2. Example: have students color in a picture and the other student says if their partner has used the right colors

9.3. + students can reflect on their work and their classmate

9.4. - students may not give the best assessment of their peer