Coaching / leading for techies

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Coaching / leading for techies by Mind Map: Coaching / leading for techies

1. Examples of difficulties

1.1. Advocating a solution

1.2. Competency challenged

1.2.1. competition

1.3. Test hater

1.4. Code obfuscator

2. Techniques

2.1. Give praise

2.2. Learn from anyone

2.3. Stimulate resistence

2.4. Experiements instead of decide

2.5. Look for a common pain/problem

2.6. Mob documentation(refacto) session

2.7. Stating you might be wrong

2.8. Avoid binary words like right and wrong

2.9. Propose to make live easier

2.10. Avoid being aggressive

2.11. Spark curiosity

2.11.1. Story telling

3. Why does it work?

3.1. You dont dare learn if you're threatened

3.2. People need to actively participate

3.3. We value more what we have than what we could get

3.4. Need to discover rather than being taught

3.5. Showing vurnerability sparks the same behaviour

4. Theory

4.1. Cynefin

4.2. Axen rose