Goldstein's Methodology

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Goldstein's Methodology by Mind Map: Goldstein's Methodology

1. Humor

1.1. Black humor

1.1.1. Sexual Joking/teasing

1.1.2. rape

1.2. Laughter

1.3. Coping mechanism

1.3.1. Tragedy Family Death Lucas's childhood

2. Gloria

2.1. Faxineira

2.2. Mother

2.2.1. Pedro Paulo Deceased Shot Rocinha 1995 Criminal Activity Comando Vermelho Armed Robbery Son Enjoys Reggae Angry Believes "honest" workers cheated out of their futures Worse after FUNABEM

2.2.2. Fernanda Daughter "A Falecida Um" The First Deceased Thrown out Caught Flirting with Gloria's Lover

2.2.3. Filomena Daughter Thrown out Severely hurt Alexandro "A Falecida Dois" The Second Deceased

2.2.4. Tiago Son

2.3. Adopted children

2.3.1. Mirelli Highlights Themes Symbols Vulnerability Predation Family Tragedy Alocoholism Infidelity Gambling Death Siblings Denise Josefa Grandparents Quiteria

2.3.2. Lucas Parents Celina Grandparents Siblings Claudia Alexandro Marta Roberto

2.3.3. Claudia

2.3.4. Alexandro

2.3.5. Marta

2.3.6. Roberto

2.4. Lower class

2.5. Lover

2.5.1. Zezinho Complicated Relationship

2.6. Friend

2.6.1. Joanna Children Camargo Marieta

2.7. Daughter

2.7.1. Validirene Gloria's Mom Personality Prudish Strict Religious Vivid Storyteller Dreams

3. Dona Beth

3.1. Upper Class

3.1.1. Hire domestic workers Sign of class Gloria Soneca

3.2. Gloria's employer

4. Politics

4.1. Power struggle

4.1.1. Local Gangs

4.1.2. Poverty Begging

4.2. Lack of women

4.3. Class relations

4.3.1. Cultivated incompetence

4.3.2. Upper vs Lower class Struggle for "The Good Life"

4.4. Sexuality

4.4.1. Can affect class Homosexuality Men who receive anal sex Men who eat other men Infidelity women Men Highly Active Women

5. Elis

5.1. adopted son

5.1.1. Nelsinho teased for having a transgendered "Mother" Gloria worries that he'll become a "sissy"

5.2. Gloria's neighbor

5.3. travisti

5.3.1. transgendered male to female

5.4. misjudged

5.4.1. ridiculed for being transgendered privately provoked derogatory remarks

5.4.2. admired for being a good person

6. Marilia

6.1. Gloria's friend/neighbor

6.2. married to Celso

6.3. Mother

6.4. Tragedy

6.4.1. survived many unknown hardships growing up

6.5. Vengeful

6.5.1. unsuccessfully poisoned Celso