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Software Engineering Department by Mind Map: Software
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Software Engineering Department


Software Engineering

Object-oriented Analysis and Design

Formal Methods

Testing and Quality Assurance

Object-Oriented Programming

Programming Methodology

User Interface Design

Modeling Languages

Software Project Management

Software Architecture

Service Oriented Architecture

Embedded Software Engineering



Software Architecture, Mobile Agents (hanv), Agent-based software architecture (hanv), Service-Oriented Architecture(hoangta, hieuvd, thuantn), Cloud Computing (hoangta, hieuvd)

Model Driven Development, Scenario Synchronization (hanhdd), Model Transformation (hanhdd), Domain-Specific Modeling (hanhdd), Model Composition (hanhdd)

Design Patterns (hanv,vyvn)


UML (thuantn, hanhdd)

Graph Transformation (hanhdd)

OCL & Metamodels (hanhdd, thuantn, hanv)

B-method (thuantn)

Real-time & Embedded (binhnn), Optimization algorithms (nnbinh), Hardware/Software Co-design (nnbinh), Realtime Relational Interface (dvh, hoangta, hanhdd, hungpn)


Runtime checking, Interface Protocols (hanv, dvh, hoangta), OCL (thuantn, hanv, hanhdd)

Model Checking, Modular Model Checking (hungpn), Linear Temporal Logics (hoangta, dvh)

Security (hieuvd, thuantn)

Theorem Proving, CafeOBJ, Maude (hungpn, hanv), B-Method (thuantn, dvh)


Regression Testing (hungpn)

Conformance Testing (hungpn)

Test Case Generation, Floating-point to Fixed-point conversion testing (hoangta)

Model-based testing (hanv)

Programming languages

Type Sytems (hoangta)

Analyses, Fixpoint Calculator (hoangta), Resource Usage (hoangta)

Graph Transformation (hanhdd)


Development and Evolution

Runtime Upgrade (hoangta)

Refinement (dvh, hungpn)

Model Transformation (hanhdd)

Mobile application (chauttm)


CBR Project Cost Estimation (hanv, hanhdd)

Floating Point to Fixed-point Quality (hoangta)



Nguyen Ngoc Binh, Rector, PhD. from Japan

Tran Thi Minh Chau, PhD. from Germany

Nguyen Viet Ha, Vice Rector, PhD. from Japan

Dang Duc Hanh, PhD. from Germany

Vo Dinh Hieu, PhD. from Japan

Truong Anh Hoang, Dept. Head, PhD. from Norway

Pham Ngoc Hung, PhD. from Japan

Dang Van Hung, Senior Researcher, PhD from Hungary

Truong Ninh Thuan, Vide Dean, PhD. from France

MSc./PhD. candidate

Pham Thi Kim Dung

Vu Quang Dung

Vu Dieu Huong

To Van Khanh

Nguyen Viet Tan


JAIST, Japan

NUS, Singapore

Mitani Sangyo, Japan

Uni-Bremen, Germany

IIST, UN Univ.

AIIT Univ., Japan

Panasonics, Vietnam

Univ. of Oslo, Norway

UNSW, Australia

Toshiba Research


FPT Software

Tinh Van

Former faculties studying PhD. abroad

Nguyen Duc Anh, EU

Nguyen Thi Minh Anh, Austria

Ngo Xuan Bach, Japan

Nguyen Ngoc Bao, USA

Pham Tuan Hung, USA

Nguyen Thi Nhat Thanh, Italy

Ho Tat Thanh, UK

Vo Van Thanh, USA

Tran Thi Mai Thuong, Norway



Nguyen Van Vy, Assoc. Prof. Dr., 2000-2005

Nguyen Viet Ha, Assoc. Prof. Dr. 2005-2009

Truong Anh Hoang, Dr. 2009-now

Software Engineering Lab

Contact: Address: E3-309, 144 Xuan Thuy, Hanoi Tel: (+84)(4)37549016 Web: