Renee McDonald

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Renee McDonald by Mind Map: Renee McDonald

1. Scaffolding Stageties

1.1. Objective 1 will give the students the best opportunity to tap into prior knowledge they have about color. This will be a good to have a student centered discussion

1.1.1. The class discussion can then be broken into a turn and talk centered more specifically to how we wish to use what we know about color for the project.

1.2. Due to the level of visual aids i use in classroom, combinding them with a pre-introduction to the important vocabulary should help to translate better the meaning of the words.

1.2.1. To assist with the retention of certain vocabulary word, or the " target word" of the project, I will use that as a way to transition the Students. Periodically using it  and asking them to repeat what it means. For the younger kids, I'll try to use the word in a sentence to build on their sentence building in their regular classroom.

1.3. To have everyone involved and on their toes, i will turn the sentence start stategy into a game of hop potato for the older students.

1.3.1. this will act as a constant way to check for understanding.

1.4. All the assessments will be a visual display. For objective 2 and 3, they will actively demonstrate the understanding by designing and painting a project surrounding the main idea of the objective. They will be graded  based on a teacher designed rubric.

1.4.1. To incoportate a peer feedback, they will have to do a peer review critique.

2. Objectives

2.1. 1. Students will begin the exploration of "color Theory. SWBAT create a color wheel with 85% accuracy. To include the primary, secondary and tertiary colors.

2.2. 2. SWBAT demonstrate understanding of color mixing with 85% accuracy by creating a nature scene using the secondary color group.

2.3. 3. SWBAT with 85% accuracy create an abstract neutral painting with the use of one primary, secondary or tertiary color, so demonstrate the use of accent colors.

3. Standards

3.1. 3rd grade Art

3.1.1. 3.2.3 Mix and apply tempera paints to create tints, shades, and neutral colors.

4. Big Ideas

4.1. Color Wheel

4.1.1. secondary Colors

4.1.2. primary colors

4.1.3. tertiary colors

4.1.4. complimentary color pairs

4.2. Color Contrast

4.2.1. Warm Colors

4.2.2. Cool Colors

5. Student

5.1. prior knowlegde

5.2. readiness level

5.2.1. This unit will be the first of which the students get introduced to content in the Art subject matter. This will be mostly a project based unit surrounding both individual and group work. For next year I plan to make "color theory" one of my first units