Ginsburg Procreation Stories

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Ginsburg Procreation Stories by Mind Map: Ginsburg Procreation Stories

1. Pro-Life

1.1. Women are able to nurture children young

1.2. Completely disagree with abortions

1.3. Nurturance is not natural but achieved

1.4. Believes it destroys the essence of womanliness

2. Realizations

2.1. Conscious enlightening about abortions

2.2. Effects personal and social identities regarding reproduction

3. Nurturance

3.1. The most significant theme connecting life cycle transitions to philosophical questions

3.1.1. Concepts of gender redefined

3.2. Moral authority for female action

3.3. Linked to moral, ethical, and religious questions

4. Narratives from abortion activtist

4.1. Located in Fargo, North Dakota at the Fargo Women's Health Center

4.1.1. Locals participated in abortion controversies from 1981 to 1983

4.2. Activists were majorly white and middle class

5. Pro-Choice

5.1. People of different backgrounds

5.1.1. Not specific to one group

5.1.2. Included people married with children

5.2. Awakened from a world defined by motherhood

5.2.1. Believed women can be more than just mothers

5.3. Believed children should be able to make their own choices

5.3.1. Find that everyone's circumstance is different