Improving Transportation

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Improving Transportation by Mind Map: Improving Transportation

1. Cars/Automobiles

1.1. Promote electric cars

1.1.1. Electric cars are new and expensive Less cars

1.1.2. Less fuel consuming cars Less emissions/fuel use

2. Buses

2.1. Entice more people to use bus system

2.1.1. Less car use Less emissions/fuel use

2.1.2. Better bus routes developed

3. Taxis

3.1. Encourage the use of alternate taxi services (Uber, etc)

3.1.1. Less car use Less emissions/fuel use

4. Bicycles

4.1. Make cycling a more acceptable transportation method

4.1.1. Investing in bicycle lanes More people riding bicycles Less cars

4.1.2. Bicycle rental services

4.1.3. Promote health benefits of cycling

5. Walking

5.1. Improve pedestrian traffic

5.1.1. Promoting health benefits of walking More people walking Less cars

5.1.2. More walkways

6. Reduce Environmental Impact

7. Controlling Urban Sprawl

8. Quicker Access

9. Expansion focused upward instead of outward

10. Preferable to travel shorter distances