Global Conversation Track Unesco

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Global Conversation Track Unesco by Mind Map: Global Conversation Track Unesco

1. Americas

1.1. Global americas

1.1.1. Latin America Partners Chili - Last meeting Mexico - GAbriel Mendoza Porticus Latin America CECAL

1.1.2. US-Canada Partners Clete Kiley and other Americans

2. Europe

2.1. Global Europe

2.1.1. 1. Norway Partners Labour organisation Church of Norway Digny WCC Contacts

2.1.2. 2. Meditterranean Partners CGLU CGLUA ISESCO Chefchaouen Maroc Contacts

2.1.3. 3. Rumania Partners cartel alfa WCC Nuncio Geneva ILO Office Bucarest Contacts

2.1.4. 4. National Tracks Italy Spain France Germany

2.1.5. 5. Europe Brussels Partners Comece KEK WCC Parliamentarians ILO Office Brussels

3. Asia

3.1. Global Asia

3.1.1. India Partners Kolping Indian Social Institute ILO Delhi

3.1.2. Philippines Partners Caritas Philippines Social and solidarity economy - Ben quinones

3.1.3. Japan Partners Sofia University ILO Tokyo Partners

3.1.4. Indonesia

3.1.5. China

3.1.6. Australia

4. Africa

4.1. Global Africa

4.1.1. Uganda - Kenya Partners Kolping Others

4.1.2. Cote d'Ivoire Partners Medi CERAP

5. Arab States

5.1. Beyrouth

5.1.1. Partners University Saint Joseph WCC contacts Egypt project

5.2. Israel

5.2.1. Partners