Two Teaching Tools

Map of two tools used in class room teaching.

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Two Teaching Tools by Mind Map: Two Teaching Tools

1. Purposes

1.1. Assure students read text

1.2. Diagnose student's capacities

1.3. Increase student comprehension

1.4. Provide singular review document

1.5. Enable brainstorming for paper/project

2. Context

2.1. Students did not read text

2.2. Students lack study tools

3. Strategies

3.1. Outlining

3.1.1. Use Table of Contents

3.1.2. Subheadings from chapter boldface

3.1.3. <Click on the paper clip to open a file

3.1.4. Other subheadings from italics

3.2. Mind Mapping

3.2.1. Processes Branches from chapters headings detailed notes Convert to outlines or powerpoints Brainstorming paper/project Linking to other resources attaching rough notes

3.2.2. Resources Click on the circled arrows below to link to web sites Mindmeister Freemind

4. Effectiveness: students use in other courses because they work for them

5. <click on the circle to see notes

6. This is an example of brainstorming an article >