Zinn Chapters 22-26

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Zinn Chapters 22-26 by Mind Map: Zinn Chapters 22-26

1. Chapter 22

1.1. Foreign policy continued to send American troops into places where they didn’t belong

1.2. Movement against Nuclear Weapons 1970

1.3. Dr. Helen Caldicott-powerful spokespeople

1.4. Activist Keith McHenry-Food Not Bombs

1.5. Reagans cut on social services

1.6. Money was being spent on guns instead on children

1.7. Piedmont Peace Project-low income women of color

1.8. Latinos struggled against discrimination and poverty, mostly led to strikes

1.9. Vietnam war ended in 1975

1.10. Bombing of Iraq. Patriotic fever was high after war

2. Chapter 24

2.1. Next Election was Gore v. Bush

2.2. They both also favored large military establishments, continued use of land mines, and use of "sanctions against the people of Cuba and Iraq"

2.3. Many lower income citizens did not even vote as they felt that neither candidate would bring them any changes

2.4. Unfair recount making Bush win election

2.5. Bush did wrong like cut the taxes imposed on the wealthy, was against strict environmental protection regulations, wanted to "privatize" social security and increase the military budget

2.6. The government passed the USA Patriot Ac

2.7. The events of September 11, 2001 occurred Terrorists hijacked planes and flew them into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon and killed thousands of people.

2.8. Critics of the war believed that the US must address the grievances that these groups had against the US instead of responding with violence.

3. Chapter 23

3.1. Jose Ramos-Horta

3.2. Clinton did not look for solutions to health care, education, child care, unemployment, housing, and environment.

3.3. FBI attacked group of religious extremists.

3.4. Crime Bill

3.5. Turned public anger to groups that were not able to defend themselves.

3.6. review of American government and people.

3.7. Government creates a false sense of equality

3.8. Military budget

3.9. Wealth tax raising tax rates on the super rich and corporations

3.10. WTO-capitalism to work everywhere

3.11. Clinton had become the Democratic Party candidate in 1992 with a formula not for social change but for electoral victory

4. Chapter 25

4.1. Bush then declared a "War on Terror"

4.2. Questions about US government raised by many

4.3. Northern Alliance had committed many acts of violence against the people of Kabul and other Afghan cities.

4.4. Excuses to attack Iraq for control of oil.

4.5. March 20, 2003 massive attack on Iraq

4.6. Capture of Saddam Hussein in December 2003

4.7. In 2006 a bill was passed for the CIA to interrogate  suspected terrorists

4.8. 2005-Hurricane Katrina

5. Chapter 26

5.1. Government had been used to serve the needs of the wealthy and powerful.

5.2. Race was a huge issue. Blacks, Indians, and minorities were given little or no attention.

5.3. Countless wars and strikes

5.4. Struggle of Latinos were ignored

5.5. LGBT community struggles to change national culture.

5.6. Founding Fathers saved us

5.7. Civil War-Lincoln Saved us

5.8. revolutionary crisis saved us

5.9. Government always claims to represent all the people.