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OnLine Discussion Board by Mind Map: OnLine Discussion Board

1. Content Inventory

1.1. Products

1.2. Audiences

1.3. Authority

2. Goal

2.1. 1. Students will choose from a list of examples of effective questions to demonstrate their knowledge of effective questioning.

2.2. 2. Students will interpret a question from one of their peers, and provide a factual, explanation of the answer.

2.3. 3. Students will develop digital literacy and ethics by modeling this language through their online class discussions.

2.4. 4. Students will improve their technological skills which will prepare them for a career and college ready path.

2.5. 5. Students will dispute about questions and responses until an appropriate justification is made.

3. Timeline

3.1. 1. Development: June 13-July 7th

3.2. 2. Implementation: August 1-August 14th

3.3. 3. Evaluation: August 15th- August 26th

4. Audience

4.1. Three Common Core Geometry Sections:

4.2. Level/Ability

4.3. Technographic

4.4. Behavior

4.5. Setting

5. Advantages

5.1. Level of engagement

5.2. Competition

5.3. Profitability

5.4. Accessibility

5.5. Expertise

5.6. Positive Risk Taking

6. Sequence of Event

6.1. 1. Students will be given resources and a mini lesson on acceptable questions and acceptable responses to use in the online discussion

6.2. 2. Students will have to sort words and phrases into four categories: 1. High Quality/Acceptable Questions 2. Poor Quality/Unacceptable Questions 3. High Quality/Acceptable Responses 4. Poor Quality/Unacceptable Responses

6.3. 3. Students will be given resources and a mini lesson on proper use of language and ethics to follow while participating in the online discussion

6.4. 4. Students will have to sort words and phrases into two categories: 1. Acceptable Language 2. Unacceptable Language

6.5. 5. Students will participate in a practice discussion in class to troubleshoot any issues and address any concerns

6.6. 6. Students will complete one of the practice exams

6.7. 7. Each student will post a question they had about the test

6.8. 8. Each student will respond to a classmate’s question

6.9. 9. In class, any similar or frequent questions will be addressed

7. Summary:

7.1. Within an LMS that I am beginning to use as my classroom platform, I am going to Pilot using discussion boards with my students. Each students was provided a Regents Review Book that consists of all the past Geometry Regents Exams plus three additional practice tests. As students are preparing for the Geometry Regents Exam, students will post authentic questions relevant to the old exams and practice tests. Their classmates in return, will be answering these questions with a well-developed, critically thought out response, demonstrating their knowledge of the content. In order to receive full credit, each student must post a question and respond to another. Students will also be using these discussion boards to demonstrate their ability to participate in a discussion using an ethics code.