5th Grade Social Studies and ELA

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5th Grade Social Studies and ELA by Mind Map: 5th Grade Social Studies and ELA

1. Social Studies

1.1. 1st Nine Weeks

1.1.1. Topics Westward Expansion Reconstruction

1.2. 2nd Semester

1.2.1. Topics Industrial Revolution Becoming a World Power

1.3. 3rd Nine Weeks

1.3.1. Topics Challenges of the 20's, 30's, and 40's Post World War 2 Reconstruction

1.4. 4th Nine Weeks

1.4.1. Topics Cold War Civil Rights Movement

2. Reading

2.1. Literature Text

2.2. Informational Text

3. Writing

3.1. Craft, Structure, Form

3.2. Argumentative Wrting

3.3. Informative Writing

3.4. Variety of Writing Texts