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Instructional Website by Mind Map: Instructional Website

1. Home

1.1. Review introductory material

1.1.1. Watch the US Airways Flight 1549 accident video

1.2. Review learning objectives

1.2.1. Establish Project Administration Procedures

1.2.2. Establish Quality Control Procedures

1.2.3. Establish Progress Control Procedures

1.2.4. Establish Change Control Procedures

1.2.5. Establish Issue Resolution Procedure

1.2.6. Review Project Control Procedures

2. Instructional video

2.1. Read the guidelines

2.2. Watch the video

2.2.1. Take notes

2.2.2. Make a self-assessment of what you did not know

2.2.3. Download and review the PowerPoint presentation

3. Wildlife hazard management

3.1. Review material

3.1.1. Prepare Product Evaluation

3.1.2. Conduct Product Evaluation

3.1.3. Initiate Maintenance Process

3.2. Access the FAA website

3.2.1. Identify situations you are expected to report bird strikes and how to do it

3.2.2. Identify resources useful to enhance your safety skills

3.3. Additional resources

3.3.1. Explore the links provided

3.3.2. Identify resources interesting for your continuous intellectual development

4. Blog

4.1. Add comments and suggest resources to be used by aviation professionals

4.2. Please provide a feedback about your learning process

4.2.1. e.g. What did you learn? Tell me something you'll do now to reduce the risk of a bird strike you have not done before.

5. References

5.1. Resources used (good material for further self-development)

6. Contact information

7. Additional resources

7.1. Review material leisurely

8. Assessment

8.1. Download the file

8.1.1. Take the self-assessment

8.1.2. Review any material you did not understand

8.1.3. Provide a feedback in our blog