Patient List App

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Patient List App by Mind Map: Patient List App

1. Login Screen design

1.1. Background image required

1.2. WebService for logging in

2. Request pin page

2.1. First name, LastName, Job Title and Email captured. Email validation required Only NHS mail

2.2. Background image required

2.3. Webservice for sending PIN request to Admi  role

2.4. Web application fro Admin role to include inbox for pin requests, which on approval responds with a mail to requesting consultant

2.5. SMTP Server for mail sending required

2.5.1. SMTP server should be accessible from intranet, if not on intranet then public internet access required for this server

3. Network failure notifications to be created for all service hit points

4. Dashboard

4.1. Icon sets required

4.2. Header showing Current user Logged in

5. Add/Edit Lists Screen

5.1. Service to fetch all lists

5.1.1. Web application for Admin role to have List creation master screen

5.2. Service for 'Done' button

6. My Lists

6.1. Service to Fetch lists mapped to current user

7. Patient List

7.1. Service to fetch patients mapped to list

7.1.1. Scripts received, some fields missing

7.2. Add patient button to launch Add Patient Page which will have drop down for my lists and will be pre-selected with current list.

8. Add Patient

8.1. Same screen as one launched from Patient list but when launched from dashboard the my list drop down is not filed

8.1.1. Service required to get my lists

8.1.2. Service to search by MRN

8.1.3. Service to add patient to List

9. Selected Patient Dashboard

9.1. Header data from previous screen no service required

10. Notes List

10.1. Service to Fetch all notes for patient

11. Add Note

11.1. Service to fetch Note Titles

11.1.1. Web application for Admin role note title master creation screen

11.2. Service to Save note

12. Radiology List

12.1. Service to fetch List of Radiology tests mapped to application

12.1.1. Web application for Admin role mapping screen for available radiology tests and number of episodes to fetch

13. Radiology report

13.1. Service to fetch report

14. Laboratory List

15. Laboratory Result