Sustainable City

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Sustainable City by Mind Map: Sustainable City

1. Citizens of any status can receive medical help

2. Ecological Sustainability

2.1. Access to resources in the future

2.2. Support for all species on earth

3. Economic Sustainablilty

3.1. Everybody has a home

3.2. Everyone has a job

3.3. Strong economy

4. Cultural Sustainability

4.1. Equality

4.2. Comfortable living

4.3. Human rights

5. Free healthcare

6. Increase foreign population

7. More demand for equal rights

8. Increase immigration

9. More people to purchase products

10. More bicycle availability (routes, rental stations, etc)

11. Less emission spewing cars

12. Raise minimum wage

13. Less homeless

14. Cleaner air

15. More bike riders

16. Biking is beneficial to health

17. Creates jobs in immigration

18. More education on sustainability

19. Next generation more likely to be more conscientious

20. Benefits foreign relations

21. Creates more workers

22. Affordable education

23. Less youth stuck in debt

24. More hybrid/electric cars

25. More car rental services

26. Less urban sprawl

27. Apartments instead of houses

28. More affordable

29. More agricultural land

30. Public expression through art

31. Allows public to voice opinion

32. Carbon neutral homes

33. Urban greenspace

34. Generally nicer looking

35. Steer youth to growing quaternary sector

36. Give Aboriginal peoples more land

37. Better understanding of terrain

38. Preservation of languages

39. Allows their culture to survive

40. Invest in landfill-free recycling programs

41. Takes up less space